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Looking for the best car rental deals in Dubai? Desire Rent a Car, Dubai’s most popular and reliable car rental agency offers customized car rental services at competitive rates. Extensive fleet of well-maintained SUVs, premium and sports cars. Amazing rental cars in Dubai!

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Car Rental Deals in Dubai

Looking to rent a car in Dubai for a short term (monthly car rental or daily car rental)? Desire Rent a Car—one of the fastest growing car rental agencies offering customized car rental services in Dubai—has the right car and the right rental package that fit your requirement. Whether it is for monthly or daily rent, car hiring is totally smooth and hassle-free with Desire Rent a Car, a popular ‘rental cars near me in Dubai’ agency. You don’t have to negotiate cumbersome paperwork nor do you need to settle for a car that you don’t like. What’s more, we have the right pricing package that conveniently fits your pocket. With a focus on providing the best customer satisfaction, Desire Rent a Car also allows you to hire a car of your choice without any deposit whatsoever. Sounds unbelievable, but true!

Offering a wide range of options, in terms of brands, features and rental packages, Desire Rent a Car offers the best car rental services in Dubai, and is the default choice of an increasing number of people who need to rent a car in Dubai.

Our fleet consists of cars of all types, sizes and standards from all the leading and popular carmakers. All the rental vehicles are regularly and properly serviced by skilled technicians, so that you get to experience a smooth ride all the time. Your requirements can be anything: for instance you may need a car to go shopping and visit places with your family, or you may need to use a car strictly for official purpose. Or, you may love to be adventurous and explore off-road fun. Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect car rental solution for you.

Best Monthly Car Rental Deals That Fit Your Budget

Desire Rent a Car offers you the best monthly car rental options in Dubai. In fact, renting a car is a breeze with us. Minimum documentation, flexible packages, affordability, diverse and well-maintained fleet and excellent customer service are just a few of our outstanding features that make us the top car rental agency in Dubai. You have the option of selecting and booking the car of your choice online. Every car is properly sanitized, cleaned and inspected before it is handed over to the customer. Desire Rent a Car has an amazing collection of cars across segments for you to choose from. Our monthly car rental packages are truly amazing: whatever your budget, you are sure to find your dream car at Desire Rent a Car. With easy online booking and excellent customer support, renting a car from Desire Rent a Car is the smartest decision you can take.

Daily Car Rental Services

Are you in Dubai for a short term, and need to hire a car? Or do you want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with Dubai in a rented car before you buy a car? And are you clueless as to where to find a good car for rent in Dubai for a few days? No worries. You need not rack your brain to rent a car in Dubai for a day or more. Dubai’s fast growing and most trusted car rental company, Desire Rent a Car, makes it easy for you to hire quality cars on a daily basis with our customized car rental deals in Dubai. We have the reputation of consistently holding the top rank among car rental companies in Dubai in the short and long term rental categories, especially daily rentals. You can choose your car from a wide collection, select a package and make the booking either online or at our office and drive away in style! The whole process is smooth and trouble-free. We have in our fleet a wide range of luxury and other cars of various models and brands Obviously, your safety is our priority, and your car is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and inspected for any technical issues before it is delivered to you. Further, our customer support team is always available for any assistance should you face any difficulties.

Explore the truly amazing cosmopolitan city of Dubai—the dream destination of millions around the world, and other places of cultural significance the way you want, in our car. Take your family with you, or go all alone, the choice is yours! Desire Rent a Car, Dubai, wishes you a happy ride in Dubai.